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Womb Light® Energy FAQs

Q  What is Womb Light®?

An internationally practiced modality that incorporates life force energy(Usui/Holy Fire Reiki and Womb Light® Energy), subconscious language, intuition, sensory breathe work, tapping, and guided meditations into an empowering experience where the client is actively involved in their own healing. It was specifically created to focus on feminine empowerment and support in every stage of womb’nhood. 

Q How can it benefit my business and patients?

It can benefit your business in multiple ways- you can add it as a separate service per session or add it to your existing treatements that will give you the ability to charge a higher rate or customize with your patients’ needs. It will also provide you with a “wow factor”. This work is also very helpful personally and can help heal your own energies, anxieties and limiting beliefs. 

Your patients can experience various results, including but not limited to enhanced fertility, restful sleep, reduced anxiety, released trauma, empowered birth, labor ease, pain relief, abundance in supply, embodiment of feminine energies, connection to herself on physical and emotional levels, and more!

Q How is it different from Reiki?


Reiki is more of a passive healing modality and can compliment Womb Light® Energy- but not the entire thing. Because of the other elements of Womb Light®, the clients are actively participating in the healing and it allows them to have a truly empowering experience. 

Additionally, you can choose to receive TWO attunements with each certification- one traditional Usui Reiki attunement and your Womb Light® Attunement which is a grounding and feminine energy that focuses on your lower chakras but also balances them all..