Womb Light® Fall Enrollment!

Whether you are simply looking to welcome Womb Light into your personal journey, or add it to services you currently offer to support Wombn, there is a class option for you!

This Season is even more exciting because we have new Master Teachers that will be teaching the classes!! These beautiful wombn have been on their own journeys since Womb Light began just over a year ago!

See below for the Schedule of Classes both Live-Led Virtual and In Person options!

PLUS BONUS: Reiki One Attunement or Lightarian Empowerment/Clearing Rays Attunements with any Practitioner Enrollment!

Womb Light Programs

Explore the beautiful grounding and empowering energy of Womb Light® and all it has to offer. This energy is complimented with other subconscious and embodiment practices that truly activates healing, power and light within yourself and/or your clients.

Payment Options available on each level!

Light Activation $244

Personal attunement and activation of your Womb Light® – to use solely for self healing, embodiment and connecting to your own inner power. *Self Healing Only- Can upgrade to Practitioner for price difference after completion.

Practitioner Certification $414

No energetic pre-requisites, will be attuned to the Womb Light® Activation symbol to practice on self and others, also incorporates additional modalities and intuitive enhancements for a empowering healing experience.

Light Leader $515

Must be a Womb Light® Practitioner before receiving Light Leader Attunement. This offers a deeper level of grounding, personal power and confidence. More structured techniques compliment this energy for an advanced level of healing work.

Master Teacher $2222

As a Light Leader who wants to also teach and share this beautiful practice, you will receive the highest Womb Light® Embodiment and ground yourself into a place of absolute certainty in your light while also providing you the resources and education to pass along to your own students.

Womb Light Energy Full Program $2844

Practitioner | Light Leader | Master Teacher SAVE 10%   

See the Full Fall Schedule of Classes Below!

To enroll click on the Level You are interested in to be taken to the Registration Page.




Practitioner Virtual- September

Sept 13-29th Monday & Wednesday Nights

8:00P-9:00P EST with Lindsey 
Sept 14-28 Tuesday Afternoons
12:00p-2:00p EST with Jess


Practitioner Virtual- October

Sept 28- Nov 2 Tuesday Afternoons (UK Time)

2:00p-3:00p BST with Carrie


Oct 7-21 Thursday Nights

7:00p-9:00p EST with Nicole A.


Oct 10th Sunday One Day Class

10:00a-4:00p EST with Laura


Oct 23-24 Two Day Weekend Class

10:00a-1:00p EST with Lindsey


Practitioner Virtual- November


Nov 1-18 Monday & Thursday Nights

6:30p-7:30p EST with Laura

Nov 2-16 Tuesday Nights 

7:00p-9:00p EST with Nicole A

Nov 3-17 Wednesday Nights

6:00p-8:00p EST with Katie

Nov 6-7 Two Day Weekend Class

12:00p-3:00p CST with Aislinn

Nov 13-14 Two Day Weekend Class

10:00a-1:00p EST with Lindsey

Practitioner In Person

Oct 17th Sunday One Day Class

10:00a-4:00p EST with Danielle 

Manahawkin NJ


Nov 13th Saturday One Day Workshop

10:00a-4:00p EST with Danielle 

Manahawkin NJ


Keep your eyes out for more In-Person Events to Come!


Light Activation -Virtual

Sept 12 Sunday One Day Class

12:00p-3:00p EST with Nicole H.

Oct 4-18 Monday Mornings

11:00a-12:00p EST with Danielle

Oct 23 Saturday One Day Class

12:00p-3:00p CST with Aislinn

Light Leader -Virtual

Oct 6-20 Wednesday Afternoons

12:00p-2:00p EST with Jess

Nov 8-11 Consecutive Day Classes

12:00p-2:00p EST with Jess


To enroll click on the Level you are interested in to be taken to the Registration Page.




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