About Nicole Harlot

Nicole Harlot, wife and mama of two boys, Dylan & Owyn is the Founder of the Womb Light® Energy Academy and Modality. 

Divine feminine energy work and embodiment is her passion and her mission is the support womb’n in the discovery of their inner power and light!

She holds many certifications in Reiki Energies, Lightarian Energies, Subconscious Mind Practices like NLP, EFT, and TIME Techniques, Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Yoga. 

She is constantly striving to learn more and add to her healing toolbox to better support the womb’n who support womb’n.

Her Motherhood Journey


Nicole has experienced an array of challenges and triumphs throughout the birth of her two boys. She went through fertility treatments and conceived her first through IUI in 2016, then survived severe PMADs after the birth of her oldest in 2017. Which launched her into the maternal support space. 

In 2019, she naturally and unexpectedly conceived her second and was met with various challenges throughout her pregnancy. She went inward and listened to her body and intuition to overcome them all, and had the birth of her dreams in April 2020. 

From that day, Womb Light® was also conceived and began making its way into her self healing, and ultimately to her clients. 

Divine Alignment of Light


Since her support network was vast from being a PMAD survivor, in August 2020, she had a download to switch her mission to directly helping womb’n into helping those who support womb’n. In September 2020, the first class of Womb Light® Practitioners had been enrolled, and now less than 9 months later, the Womb Light® Energy Academy is comprised of a 100-sister community!

Nothing short of divine alignment has been the guiding light for this journey and expansiveness to 5 countries worldwide. 

She is welcoming more than 10 new Master Teachers in 2021 to help grow and share this beautiful work even more!

A Look Forward


In the coming year or two, she is hopeful that the Womb Light® Energy Modality will be practiced in fertility offices, birth centers, and by womb centered professionals in all 50 states and continue to grow internationally as well. 

With the additional Master Teachers, the Energy Academy will be able to offer more classes, both virtual and in person, based on any schedule of need. 

There will also be channels of support for different areas of womb’nhood. Including but not limited to Fertility, Pregnancy, Labor Support, Postpartum, Sexual Trauma and Domestic Violence Survivors, Medical Professionals, Menarche and Maidens, Menopause and Crones, and even more!

Deeply Grateful for You!


Nicole always reminds the community and sisterhood that she appreciates every connection that is made in this space. She seeks the collaborative energies so that every womb’n is positively impacted and able to celebrate together. 

She is fully blessed and does not take any moment of this work for granted. Please know that all Sisters, Practitioners to Master Teachers, are such an integral part of her joy, peace and happiness and she is always there for you if needed!

Womb’n are truly magical creators, and she hopes in every moment you could be reminded of that, and work from that space of worthiness that comes from your Womb Light®. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Womb Light® is a registered Trademark of Nicole Obenshine.
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