Welcome, Sister!

The Womb Light® Energy Academy is the container in which Womb’n come together to learn, grow, collaborate, celebrate and ascend in their own power and light with the shared intention of helping others connect to theirs. 

We offer multiple energetic programs including the Womb Light® Energy Modality, Lightarian Energy Attunements(Angel & Ascended Master Tracks), and Usui, Holy Fire and Lightarian Reiki.

Fall Enrollment is NOW OPEN !!!

Womb Light® Energy Academy is focused on feminine empowerment, maternal support and embodiment of all creators.  It officially was established in August 2020 by Nicole Harlot and currently has over 90 Practitioners Worldwide, many of which have also taken the next step to Light Leader. As of April 2021, there are 5 Master Teachers currently training to further the lineage and expansion of this beautiful work. Adding up to 5 more this Summer.

Our mission is to raise the vibrations of the collective womb community. We support all humans with a womb, and even those who may have had to remove theirs previously. With that being said, we also honor the divine feminine and celebrate her.

You can receive Womb Light® Healing via a Practitioner or receive a Womb Light® Activation of your own!

What is Womb Light®

An internationally practiced modality that incorporates life force energy, subconscious language, intuition, embodiment, tapping, and sensory breathe work into an empowering experience where the client is actively involved in their own healing. It was specifically created to focus on feminine empowerment and maternal support in any perinatal stage.

What you gain by becoming joining the Womb Light® Sisterhood of Healers!

  • Learn how to cleanse the womb space gently.
  • Create balance amongst all the energy centers within the body.
  • Activate and ignite the Womb Light® within your clients
  • Discover practices that help them connect with their bodies and babies on a consciousness level.
  • Use breathe work, energy work, and intuitive meditation techniques to nurture them throughout your journey.
  • Your attunement will able you to self-practice as well as on others.
  • Defined Pathway to become a Master Practitioner or Teacher of Womb Light® to further support your business.
  • Private Facebook Community of other Practitioners, Leaders and Masters for support, collaborations and more
  • Listing on Womb Light® Directory upon completion of course.

Elevate Your Energetic Blueprint

As mentioned earlier, the Womb Light ® Energy Academy offers more than just the Womb Light® Energy Programs- we also offer an array of Energetic Attunements on the Reiki Spectrum, with Angels & Ascended Masters and more! Take a look at the various Attunements and Programs that we can offer below and if you are interested in discussing your personal Energetic Blueprint- you can schedule a call here to gain some clarity on what is right for you!

Womb Light® Around the World

Nicole’s vision to combine multiple modalities in healing and spiritually uplifting way is a complete success with the beneficiaries being both practitioner and recipient. Highly recommend her coursework and treatments!

Jaime S. – New Jersey

I felt so ignited and excited that I would be learning more of your wonderful work and in turn be able to offer those modalities myself. I went to work the next day and also text a couple friends to say I’ve signed up for Light Leader (Level II) and felt such joy. I’m keen to put it all into practice.

Wendy P. – Australia

From the moment I met Nicole I felt a beautiful energy from her.  I am a Light Leader and feel definitely my Light has been ignited.  I have discovered my own continued healing journey through each Attunement.  Adding Womb Light to my practice has allowed me to connect deeper with myself and feel more confident in supporting the maternal community.

JoJo W. – California

I trained in the WombLight Modality Practitioner Level and it has been life changing! I noticed so many significant shifts in both my own life as well as the way I worked with my birthing clients. Highly recommend Nicole and her work. I will be signing up for the next level this year!

Namrita D. – Malaysia

Holy Wow, so thankful the universe guided me here. This will change my work and life- Nicole you are amazing! You have lit a fire within me and now I have fully shifted the trajectory of my career path. I see so much potential now thanks to Womb Light.

Nicholle G. – Florida

Being part of the Womb Light Energy Academy has given me such confidence in my journey to heal myself and others. After completing my Light Leader (level II) I am now able to do in person and distance healing sessions with ease. Such an uplifting community and Nicole is such an amazing woman to have in your corner.

Cait L. – Canada

I loved every minute of it. The training was done over zoom which allowed me to do this training in the first place as I am based in the U.K. The training and all the material provided was detailed and has given me a solid understanding of womb light and how to use it with my friends and clients. I also received an attunement which was beautiful- I have definitely had my womb light ignited. Meeting Nicole has been a joy, she is such a lovely lady and has been amazing and supportive throughout and after the course. I am so pleased to be apart of the womb light sisterhood. I can’t recommend this training highly enough and I will definitely be doing more training in the future.

Natalie Y. – United Kingdom

If a womb’n holds the power to create life; She also holds the power to create the life she wants.

Womb Light® is a registered Trademark of Nicole Obenshine.

Usui, Holy Fire® and Lightarian™ Reiki and programs are not owned by Nicole or the WLEA, she is solely a registered teacher and master for those programs.

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